Devotees who follow Hinduism, Buddhism, or Jainism chant the mantras of the Gods/Goddesses every day in one form or the other. Mantras are basically powerful words or sentences that are chanted for the goodness or pleasure of any deity. The prayer that is offered to the deity in Indian Vedic literature, including his praises are Mantra.

Some people do the complete ritual of chanting the mantra carefully and with full devotion, and some start chanting any mantra as seen. For Worshipping God and meditating, few simple mantras of God are enough. Instead of chanting arbitrarily after listening to the glory of any other Mantra, Beej Mantra, or Vedic Mantra.

Here we have tried consolidating few basic mantras which you can chant to please God and get desired results.  Please know that God is hungry for our True emotions and Love and no show off on how much we can spend for their worship.

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