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Mahabharata period’s 10 most powerful and destructive weapons !!

Many weapons were used during the Mahabharata period. But many people are interested to know about such weapons which were most powerful and that cannot be defended easily.

Here are such 10 powerful weapons of Mahabharata period to know about :

1. Firearms :

agni astra

The way it rains water, in the same way, the fire was used with firearms. The person who controlled it could control the amount of fire emanating from it. This weapon was with almost every warrior as it could easily be attained by proving spells.

2. Indrastra :

Indra is considered the master of the powers that come from the sky on earth. Due to the use of Indrastra, innumerable arrows started to rain from the sky. Indra and Indra’s Vajra are sometimes considered the same, but they are quite different. The thunderbolt(Vajra) is primarily focused on a single target, but Indrastra rains the innumerable fiery arrows, which brightens the whole sky and creates an atmosphere of fear.

3. Suryastra :

With the use of this weapon, light could be produced in the same amount as the sun god. Due to its use, a lot of heat was produced everywhere, due to which all the sources of water dried up. This weapon was used only in special circumstances because its effect on nature was very wide.

4. Vajrastra :

vajra - indra

The main weapon of Indra was the Vajra weapon. Which was made from the bones of sage Didhichi. The thunderbolt was driven by focusing on a single target. It produced such a large amount of current that the heart of the enemy stopped immediately.

5. Rudrastra :


It was a wonderfully destructive weapon of Lord Shiva. Whenever this weapon was called, the power of 11 Rudras used to come in it. The mere call of it caused a stampede in the enemy army. Rudrastra combined with severe thunderstorms and rains created a storm that could kill thousands of enemies simultaneously.

6. Narayanastra :

narayan astra

Narayanastra is a special weapon of Lord Vishnu. Narayan Ji himself made this weapon in the Satyuga.

When Narayanastra is used, then all the eleven Rudras, Vishnu’s chakra, mace, a destructive weapon like Trishul appear in the sky so that this weapon cannot be defended. It also comes under the category of highly destructive weapons.

7. Vaishnavastra :

The true power of vaishnavastra lies in the speed of it. It was also a special weapon made by Lord Vishnu. This weapon was not directed directly at the enemy and was left towards the sky. Where it used to get its full speed. Going into the sky, it used to come down with lightning speed and before the enemy could use his weapon to defend it, he got killed. All its power was contained in its unlimited speed.

8. Brahmashir Astra :

This weapon was a sophisticated form of Brahmastra itself. It was a weapon whose power could be produced in any physical material present, even if it was a coin it used to become a weapon.

When this weapon was invoked, there used to be fierce lightning in the sky, there was an atmosphere of fear everywhere, the whole sky got filled with its noise. It is said that trees and mountains used to swing. This weapon had tremendous power to eliminate even the gods.

Vasavi is a name for Indra. One form of this weapon is the Vajra weapon of Indra, but the strength of Vasavi Shakti is considered less than Vajra. Karna had saved it for Arjuna, but Lord Krishna took Ghatotkacha into battle and did make use of the weapon from Karna. This weapon was also called Amogha Astra. Arjuna had no answer to the Vasavi power and with this weapon, Kaurava could win the war.

9. Brahmanda Astra :

brahmand astra- Brahma ji

Brahmastra, Brahmashira Astra, and Brahmanda Astra, out of these three weapons, Brahmanda Astra was the most destructive weapon. Just as a single head of Brahma appears on the tip of Brahmastra, similarly Brahmashira weapon, a sophisticated form of Brahmastra, appears 4 heads of Brahma Ji on its tip.

The Brahmanda Astra is also the next sophisticated form made in this series, on whose tip, 5 heads of Brahma Ji appear. This weapon is used as a defensive weapon whose power can push back any weapon. If the power of this weapon is manifested in a huge form, it can destroy not only the Earth but also the entire solar system.

It is written in the Puranas that with the use of Brahmanda Astra, the sea starts boiling, the land and mountains leave their place and start stirring in the air, and eventually, everything is burnt to such an extent that even the ashes are not left.

10. Pashupatastra :

shivji ka pashupatastra

Pashupatastra was such a unique weapon that could be operated not only with a bow but also by instructions of the eyes, instructions of words, and by thinking in the mind. But in Mahabharata, it was present only in arrow form, which could be carried only by a powerful bow. The destruction done by this weapon cannot be repaired in any way. It is believed that Lord Shiva destroys demons with  Pashupatastra and Lord Shiva will destroy Shrishti with this Pashupatastra at the end of the era.

There are 3 shools in the trident of Shiva, while there were 4 shools in Pashupatastra. It is believed that this weapon was created by the immense power of Shiva Ji’s trident and his Nandi bull. Meaning, it also contains Nandi’s superpower.

In addition to these weapons of Mahabharat, there were more wonderful weapons present at that time:

  • Parjanya Astra
  • Bargavastr
  • Mahendra Weapon
  • Garuda weapon
  • Vayavya weapon
  • Akagni weapon
  • Paash weapon
  • Sammohan weapon

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