Krishna decorates peacock feather

Why does Lord Krishna decorates peacock feather on his head?

Peacock feather or Mor Pankh

Lord Krishna always has two things prominent in his image – a flute in his hand and a peacock feather in his crown. Right from the childhood, Mother Yashoda used to decorate the peacock feather on her Kanha’s head. Later on Krishna himself started putting peacock feather on his head.

But why is that Krishna only decorates peacock feather on his head?

There are many reasons for this:

  • One is the mythological version in which – Peacocks were believed to be celibate. When a male peacock dances with joy, Tear falls from his eye, which the Peahen drinks & gets impregnated. For this reason, Peacocks were considered Pure. So, Lord Krishna adorns the peacock feather on his head as a sign of purity.
  • It is said that there used to be a lot of peacocks in Radha’s palace. When Lord Krishna used to play the flute, Radha Rani gets enchanted and started dancing. Seeing Radha Ji dancing, peacock used to come there and dance along. Krishna Ji used to get very happy seeing this. One day while dancing, the feather of a peacock fell on the ground, Lord Krishna immediately picked it up and decorated it on his head as a sign of the love of Radha.
  • According to scholars, one of the reasons that Lord Krishna loved peacock feathers could be that he did not make any distinction between his friend and foe, he was equal with both of them. An example of this is that the brother of Shri Krishna – Balarama, who is considered to be Sheshnag’s avatar, and to be noted there is fierce hostility between the serpent and the peacock. Therefore, Shri Krishna puts a feather of a peacock in his crown and gives the message that he has the same feeling towards everyone.
  • Some astrologers believe this to be the fault present in the horoscope of Krishna. Krishna always kept peacock feather on his head to remove the inauspicious effects of dosha present in the horoscope.
  • Peacock feathers are full of all kinds of colors, be it dark or light. Lord Shri Krishna wants to convey the message through peacock feathers, that our life is also full of all colors like this, sometimes bright and sometimes light. Sometimes happiness and sometimes sadness like these colors.

Radhey Radhey!!


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