Ayurvedic remedies for CoronaVirus

Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Ayur’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘Veda’ meaning ‘science’, thus Ayurveda literally means the ‘science of life’. Ayurveda the traditional form of Indian medicine was developed by ancient sages who believed focusing more on healthy living than treatment of diseases.

Coronavirus is a big crisis for the world from the last few months taking away the life of innocent people around the globe. There are numerous vaccines under process to be discovered as a possible solution for CoronaVirus.

Meanwhile, let’s do things on our part and take help from Ayurveda to boost our Immunity. Immunity is the ability of the body to defend itself from ‘foreign bodies’.

Drink Herbal Tea/Decoction(Kadha)


    • Tulsi(Basil)
    • Dalchini(Cinnamon)
    • Kali Mirch(Black Pepper)
    • shunthi(Dry Ginger)
    • Munakka(Black raisin)
    • Gur/Jaggery (To taste)

Boil the ingredients in water for 5-10 mins and add Fresh lemon if needed.

Note:  If the First 4 ingredients are in the powdered form then take a pinch of each in 4 cups of water and add 5-6  Munakka and jaggery to taste and boil. To be taken Once or Twice a Day.


Turmeric Milk/Golden Latte


    • Haldi (Turmeric) powder — 1/2 Tsp
    • Milk – 150 ml

Add 50ml milk in a pan and add turmeric and bring it to boil. Then add the rest of the milk and switch off the flame. You can add sugar to taste. To be taken Once or Twice a Day.


During Soar Throat or Dry Cough

  • Steam Inhalation — Add fresh pudina(mint) leaves or Ajwain(Carom seeds) in boiling water. Inhale the steam of this water once a day.
  • Laung(Clove) powder mixed with natural sugar/honey can be taken 2-3 times a day.

It is best to consult a doctor if symptoms of Dry cough and sore throat persist.


General Measures

  • Drink warm water throughout the day
  • Practice Yogasana, Pranayam, and Meditation for at least 30 mins a day
  • Use Haldi(Turmeric), Jeera(Cumin seeds), Dhaniya(Coriander) and Lahsun(Garlic) in cooking




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