radhey krishna ji

5 Teachings by Lord Krishna!!


  • On the basis of dreams and past things, we imagine future happiness and sorrow. We create plans today, thinking they may remove the cause of future sorrows. But do we ever think if finding the solution to tomorrows problem today will bring us to benefit or do harm to us? The truth is that the problem and its solution are born together, for the person and for the world. Look at the history, you will see that whenever any crisis comes, the power to solve it is also born. Whenever a person gets out of any crisis or trouble, he moves one step forward, shines with more confidence. Isn’t it true? Birth of Troubles is the birth of opportunities as well, to change oneself to make one’s soul strong and knowledge oriented. The one who is capable of overcoming challenges with confidence faces no issues but the one who does not know how to overcome troubles is trouble for the world himself.


  • Sometimes an event breaks all the plans of a man’s life and he would consider that trauma as the center of his life. But is the future built on the basis of human plans? Just like the one who plans to climb the highest mountain by sitting at the bottom of that mountain, does that plan bring him to the top of that mountain? NO. As he climbs up the mountain, he faces new challenges, new obstacles. With every challenge, every obstacle he decides his next step to be taken. With each challenge he has to change his plans, as a wrong step might push him into the abyss. He cannot mold the mountain as per his needs but can be molded as per the mountain or the environment he is in.
    Is it not the same with life? When a person considers any challenge in life as an obstacle to be the center of his life. If he stops the pace of his life, he will not be able to succeed nor will he get happiness and peace in life.
    Instead of making life worthy of yourself, making yourself worthy of life, is the only way to achieve success. Isn’t it?


  • Every moment of life happens to be a decisive moment, at every step we have to make decisions about our next step in advance. Every decision leaves an impact. The decisions we make today become the reason for our happiness or sadness not only for us but for our family and generations to come. When a dilemma arises, the mind becomes distraught, Is filled with uncertainty. Those moments of decision making becomes war and the mind becomes a battleground. Most of the decisions we take are not to solve the dilemma but only to calm the mind. But can anyone eat food while running? NO. So will the mind struggling with war can make any worthy decision? In fact, when someone makes a decision with a calm mind, he creates a happy future for himself, but when someone makes a decision to calm his mind, that person is planting a tree full of thorns for himself which is not going to bring any benefit but pain.


  • When a man lacks the capability of facing the struggles in life when he does not believe in his own strength. He abandons virtues and adopts bad qualities or company. In a human’s life, evil takes birth only when a person thinks he is not worthy of doing or achieving any good. When a man believes that the struggle of life makes him weak, so he doesn’t believe in himself. Instead of going beyond the struggle, he used to find ways to get out of the conflict. But when actually he realizes that these struggles make him more powerful, just like exercising increases the power of the body. With each struggle his enthusiasm increases. What is Confidence? Confidence is nothing but a state of mind, an approach of looking at life. And the outlook of life is in one’s own control. Remember what we think we become. Isn’t it?


  • Father always wishes for the happiness of his children, always worrying about their futures. And For this reason, always try to decide the path of the future of his children by himself. The path on which father has walked, the path whose obstacles he has seen, he wishes his son to walk the same path so that he could guide him with his experience. This is undoubtedly the best desire of every father. But we forgot to give a thought to these three questions: First question – don’t every route change with time. doesn’t time always bring new challenges, then how can the experiences of the past give benefit to the new generation. Second question – Is each child an image of its parents? Parents do give sanskaras to children, but God gives the ability within. So the path on which the father has got success, How can we believe that his children will also get success and happiness on the same path? Third question – Are the struggles and challenges of life not beneficial. Does not every new question open the door to a new answer? Then keeping the children away from new questions, struggles, and challenges is called benefiting or bring harm to them? Today, It is of uttermost importance to build the character of your child. Will, it is not more beneficial to give them the morale and knowledge to cope with the new struggles instead of Building or deciding the future of your children on your own.

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