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Do you know the War Strategies used in Mahabharat?

In the Mahabharata, people have often heard only the name of Chakravyuh. Chakravyuh is also more famous because Dronacharya composed it for Arjuna, But Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was killed. In the Mahabharata, the Chakravyuha was not the only formation.

To fight the war, every commander used to build formation according to his own. Formation means the method of arranging soldiers in a certain way. So that enemy could be misguided and killed. The array was part of a particular strategy of every war, Which was often based on the number and force of the enemy.

One aspect of Mahabharata is also based on its war strategies. How a completely new type of array was made to create and break bizarre arrays. In the Mahabharata, it was not just these arrays rather, about 20 different types of arrays are found.

Here are 10 array creations made in Mahabharata you may not be aware of:

1. Vajra Vyuh

Arjuna was the son of Indra. So on the first day of the war, he used Indra’s most powerful weapon to built an array resembling thunderbolt. This array was surrounded by soldiers from all four sides. It did not allow the status of the warriors inside known and kept moving forward.

vajra vyuh

Inside, all the great warriors together formed many small crescent arrays, standing one behind the other. As the enemy crossed the barrier of external troops a very intense, direct, and sudden attack was done which seemed like the power of the thunderbolt.

2. Kronch Vyuh

Actually Kronch is the name of a bird called Demoiselle crane in modern English language. Yudhishthira has suggested an array on the second day of the war to his commander, Drishtyadyumn.

kronch vyuh

In this, King Drupada was at the forefront of the head with Kuntibhoja behind him. Satyaki, in place of the neck in this bird array. Bhima and Panchal warriors were standing in the place of wings. Bhishma Pitamah, the commander of the Kaurava army, had also made a similar array which included many Kaurava Maharathi warriors.

3. Aurami Vyuh(Sea)

When the Vajra array moved forward, the status of the great warriors standing inside was not known. So in response, such an array was created which used to hide his soldiers in the same way. The name of such an array was the Aurami array. Aurami refers to the sea.

The way waves are formed in the sea, In the same way, soldiers were placed. When big waves will come between small waves it was not known. Suddenly a great wave of great warriors from among these soldiers would have come and broken the Thunderbolt array. Bhishma Pitamah did build this array in response to the Vajra Vyuh.

4. Garuda Vyuh(Eagle)

Garuda Array was planned by  Dronacharya on the instructions of Bhishma Pitamah. Bhishma was standing on the front of this unique bird array. In place of the  Eagle’s eye, Dronacharya and Kritavarma, with  Ashwathama, and Kripacharya standing behind them. Shalya, Bhagadatta, and Jayadratha in place of the neck. King Duryodhana stood with his brothers in place of the stomach.

The warriors of Avanti country Anubind, Shaka, and Shursen were standing on the last part of Garuda array. Other warriors like Karusha, Mund, Kundivrisha, and Vikunja King stood with Brahmadvala in defense of its wings. Just like the power of Eagle is in his face and eyes. In the same way, this array was created.

5. Makar Vyuh

Behind the creation of this amazing array, there was an effort to create a hugely powerful body like a crocodile.

The front and back of this array were made very powerful. Construction of crocodile array was on the fifth day of the war, Bhishma Pitamah did it. On its forefront is the most powerful warriors like Bhishma. Warriors like Dronacharya, Ashwathama were raining arrows with great speed. Satyaki had stopped Drona due to which the array was unable to move forward. Then Bhishma forced Satyaki to retreat.

6. Ardhchandra Vyuh (Crescent moon)

Crocodile array was a very powerful array that kept moving forward with great speed. To answer and cut this array a powerful organized array was immediately created on the instructions of Arjuna whose name was Ardhchandra Array. The commander of the Pandavas and Arjuna built it immediately.

cresent moon

On one side were the armies of Bhima, Drupada, and Virat Naresh. At the forefront part of the crescent moon along with Drishtyadyumn, warriors like Neel, Drishtketu, and Shikhandi were standing. Yudhishthira was in its central region and Arjuna with Sri Krishna at the forefront with powerful warriors like Satyaki, Abhimanyu, Ghatotkacha.

7. Mandal Vyuh

This array was also built by Bhishma Pitamah on the seventh day of the war. Mandal means round or circle.

In this array there was an elephant in the middle on which the king used to sit – that is, Duryodhana, to protect the seven chariots, which were Maharathis, Seven cavalrymen to assist every chariot. Seven archers to help every cavalryman and ten soldiers were employed to help every archer.

8. Shringatka Vyuh

When Bhishma Pitamah created his amazing Mandal array, then in consultation with Arjun and Shri Krishna, to cut it Shrinagatka array was created which was able to accommodate the advancing array.

It looked like a large palace. The most powerful warriors were placed to the right, left, and back. This strategy should protect the chariots running in defense of elephants present in the war. The policy of targeting one by one was made.

9. Chakravyuh

Everyone knows this array of why it was created. Only Arjun knew about this and when Arjuna was not there at that time, the burden of this inaccessible work came on Abhimanyu’s shoulders. It was believed that there was only one door in this array which was a way to misguide the attacker.

chakra vyuh mahabharat

On entering through that gate, the warrior got trapped. Its break was possible by making a separate gate, which was known to Abhimanyu. In it, ordinary soldiers were placed outside but there were Maharathis near the gate. As one went inside, the number of Maharathis kept increasing. All the Maharathis were present in its womb who together killed Abhimanyu, immorally.

10. ChakraShakat Vyuh

When due to being caught in the Chakravyuha composed by Guru Dronacharya, Abhimanyu had attained heroism, and the reason was Jayadratha because he did not let any Pandava enter the array to help Abhimanyu.

The next day i.e. the 14th day of the war, Arjuna had pledged that till evening if he could not kill Jayadratha he will burn himself. Then Guru Drona came to save Jayadratha and this way Chakrashakat array was created.

chakra shakat vyuh

It was a giant 288 Kos long and 120 Kos wide placement of soldiers. In it, a womb array was created in the middle which was impermeable.

suchi - mahabharat

In it, an array called “Suchi” was created that was meant to trap the enemy whose defense was being done by Kritavarma, followed by Duryodhana and Karna. Duryodhana sees this strange array and became very happy, but with the cleverness of Lord Shri Krishna, Jayadratha himself came out of the array and eventually get killed.

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